Products ,Services and Prices

Wedding Package:

Bridal Gowns: Rent for 2000ghc or Buy for : 3750ghc (Comes with accessories).

Make up and Hair: 1,500ghc

Photography and Music: 25000ghc.

Bridal Hair Prices

Weave on: 110ghc

Wig: 360ghc to 450ghc (Depends on Hair type)

Bridesmaids per person : 550ghc

Mother of Bride/Groom: 350ghc

GrandMothers: 300ghc

Flower Girls(2years to 8years): 100ghc

Junior Bridesmaid(9years to 13years): 250ghc

All cost Inclusive of V. A. T.

All prices are excluding Mileage Charges, Charges depend on Location.


Bridal Hair: 55ghc

Bridal Make up: 65 ghc

Hair and Make up: 85ghc.

Full Day Service

3 hours following ceremony : 250ghc

5 hours following Ceremony : 400ghc

6 hours following Ceremony: 550ghc

8 hours following ceremony : 700ghc

Minimum Booking requirements is 5 people.

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